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Capillary Electrophoresis 

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Instruments & Protocols 

Instruments & Protocols The following is a list of instruments in use or in development at the Stanford DNA Sequencing and Technology Development Center. Each instrument page contains a description of the instrument, the protocol it executes (if applicable), as well as performance and usage statistics for instruments in use. 

The scanner and arrayer instruments were developed in Pat Brown's lab in the Biochemistry Department. The ones shown here are replicas we have made for our own functional analysis work. 

All the other instruments shown (except the Affymetrix CE sequencer) were developed by this group. For instruments which do not involve patentable technology we will soon include drawings and parts lists on the instrument page. For protected technology and software, the Stanford Technology Licensing Office should be contacted. 

Some of these instruments are now available and supported through Genemachines. For information call them at 650-508-1634 or e-mail them. 

Images, Quicktime movies, and drawings and parts lists for the instruments are (or soon will be) available on the instrument pages. 

Currently, drawings are available for the Plaque Picker, Shaker and Oligo Synthesizer. Others will soon be made available. 

Drawings for the Arrayer and Scanner are available from Pat Brown's lab

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