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To download:

In your browser, go to "FILE" and "SAVE AS. . ." to save the files as tab delimited text documents on your computer. 

You can then open it in another applications such as Excel, MSWord, SimpleText, etc.

Be sure to save as at TEXT (*.txt) file, not as a WEBPAGE (*.HTM or *.HTML) file.

For a description of what's in the files, see the READ_ME.


Click on the file to open (marked by •):

Deletion Strains Available by Background:
These files also contain the primer, PCR information and 20-mer TAG sequences

MAT a mating type strains (BY4741 or BY4730)
MAT alpha mating type strains (BY4742 or BY4739)
Heterozygous diploid stains (BY4743 or BY4740/BY4739)
Homozygous diploid strains

download instructions

ORF Deletion Primer Sequences:
This file contains all primers used to make the strains and the product sizes to the confirmation PCRs.


download instructions

ORFs not made in the colletion:
This file contains all ORFs screened out during the construction process and includes new ORFs added to SGD after the construction process ended.


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Other useful files:


Essential ORFs

Overlapping ORF Features

Overlapping Essential ORFs

Cell Morphology Screen Table

pFA6-kanMX4 sequence, GCG format

Strains Made by Lab

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