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Yeast Knock-Outs version2

The YKOv2 efforts fall into three broad categories:  additions, corrections, and updates.  Over 300 new ORF annotations were added to the (SGDTM) since the completion of YKOv1. New, non-dubious (as classified per SGDTM) ORFs were added to the collection, the majority of these being small ORFs (sORFs).  Under performing deletion strains were also remade.  This category of strains includes problematic strains found by end users and strains that had underperforming 20mer tags as based on multiple hybridizations of the heterozygous deletion strains on Affymetrix Tag3 arrays. Finally, a number ORFs that were re-annotated with significant size changes were remade.  All YKOv2 stains have unique 20mer tag sequences and can be pooled to the previous collection. These strains are available as a supplemental set and as individual strains. To see the YKOv2's as a list, see here. Sequence, primer and 20-mer tag information is located at the downloads page.